Saul Reichlin

A selection of Saul's reviews.

Sholom Aleichem - Now You're Talking!


"Astonishing...hilarious...a towering performance"
Metro, Critic's Choice

"Evocative and enchanting a real treat"
What's On, London

"Brilliant and Flawless...Explosive...Dazzling Drama...The packed audience were calling out for more"
Edinburgh Jewish Telegraph

"The most exciting Jewish storytelling in the world"
Jewish Telegraph

"Warm and witty..The stories are a pleasure to hear...Mr. Reichlin is a pleasure to behold"
The New York Times

The New Yorker

"Loving,'s most infectious"
Chicago Tribune

Gimpel the Fool


"The most entrancing performance of inspired portrayal... magical vibrancy"
Jewish Telegraph, Edinburgh

"Reichlin is an intense story-teller"
The Scotsman

Hancock's Last Half - Hour


"A riveting performance...his beautifully observed portrayal gets to the soul of the man...masterful and cannot but believe that Hancock really did hold this private funny-sad show for himself in every one of his lonely hotel rooms"
The Times

The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies


"A splendidly assured performance"
The Glasgow Herald

"Reichlin is quite actor of composure and grace...he does cast a definite spell"
The Sunday Telegraph